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The Select Hotels Collection group introduces an innovative concept of wellbeing. Its wellness centres are inspired by Fellini's representation of La Dolce Vita, intended as the "joie de vivre" - with that lightness of the body and the mind - and as wellbeing and beauty together, allowing men and women to face daily routine in an positive and energetic way.
Beauty and wellbeing usually go together, both in women and men. Tonifying, relaxing and rebalancing treatments allow the person to regain a deep sense of tranquillity.
Women and men’s appeal are increased and so is their self-esteem.
A space dedicated to the senses, the body and the mind, where to relax and let oneself go to the pleasure of being taken care of, where to feel a deep sensation of wellbeing and inner beauty and cherish every moment as a treasury.
A wide choice of sensory and ancestral rituals are available, to gratify the body and the soul.

3 Good Reasons

to book directly on the website Batani Select Hotels

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1. Lowest price guaranteed
Without the "surprise" of additional charges, such as. commissions and transaction fees. Many online travel sites demand extra fees for online bookings.

2. Exclusive Deals
Wide selection of holiday packages you will not find on traditional hotel reservation sites

3. Direct and constant relationship with the hotel
and with the person  who took care of your reservation and who will welcome you upon your arrival. Access to loyalty programs and the possibility of indicating special needs (such as. Vegetarian cooking, vegan, gluten-free), daily newspaper delivery, etc..